Love is not always like a box of chocolates

As the title states, love is not always like a box of chocolates. However, every love a girl goes through could use some chocolates. I am finding out the hard way as I enter into adulthood that fairytales are not necessarily true. They did not include the scenes in Cinderella where she has tears of mascara down her face because the Prince wanted someone who could live up the expectations of royalty. Nor was Belle shown crying in the shower because the Beast had thrown hurtful words around during a fight. As a little girl growing up, I thought that once I found my true love, that man would cross oceans for me. I thought that there would never be a sad moment because why was I to be sad when I had such a great love with me? Dreams would float through my head of my first kiss and how magical it would be. How my true love could have no flaws. We would fall into love and be together forever. However, sometimes love needs a pro-con list.